Manitou secures contract with UK Department for International Development

  In March 2017, Manitou, Inc. partnered with the esteemed Dr. Debra Willoughby’s, who has strong expertise and substantive knowledge of Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children’.  Together, both Drs. Tristi Nichols and Debra Willoughby secured a joint contract with UNICEF and the UK Department of International Development to prepare the Capacity Gap Assessment

New Contract With UNICEF

In December 2016, Manitou, Inc. secured a contract with UNICEF Bangladesh to evaluate a programme that extends social and health promotion messages to over 4 million people.  To conduct a community-based survey of 800 people, Manitou partnered with Mitra and Associates, a Bangladeshi firm.   Dr. Nichols is currently in Bangladesh to support on-going data

Manitou submits the ECD Operational Framework for the OECS-Revised Report

On October 18th, Manitou, Inc. submitted the final set of deliverables to the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, including: The Integrated Early Childhood Development Operational Framework for the Eastern Caribbean Region.  This document provides stakeholders with the necessary information to identify every existing opportunity to leverage and new structures to build on in order to haromonize the

Check out the recent evaluation report on FAO’s Contribution in Barbados and Member Countries of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States

This report at: Evaluation Report The evaluation team was composed by an international independent evaluator, Dr. Tristi Nichols, as team leader, supported by two consultants from the region: Mr. Ronald M. Gordon, who covered in particular agricultural and animal health issues, food safety and fisheries; and Mr. Michael Windsor, who provided an assessment of the marketing