Big Capabilities

Manitou, Inc. blends practical, research-informed analysis and deep expertise to yield sensitive, actionable results for our clients.  We rely on our expertise in field service delivery, statistical and advanced analytic methods, and local cultural awareness.

Our clients range from small volunteer emergency services to local, state or provincial, or federal governments, to non-governmental organizations; to regional or international inter-governmental bodies. Our reach is global. 

Let us help your organization define, understand and support its mission.


Public Safety Management

  • Station and facility location studies/Standards of Cover (SOC)
  • Public safety studies
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Neighborhood and service satisfaction surveys
  • Demand and risk analysis and forecasting
  • Knowledge management/Business Process Analysis
  • Community risk reduction program design
  • Municipal performance measurement
  • Correlating demand for services with community characteristics
  • Demographic and economic analysis
  • Emergency management planning and exercises
  • NIMS/Incident Command Readiness
  • Business continuity/COOP
  • Interoperability assessment
  • Statistical analysis
  • Staffing analyses
  • After Action Reporting
  • Litigation support

Pre-K gilr

Program Evaluation

  • Program Evaluation
  • Survey Design and Methodology
  • Impact Evaluation
  • Theory of Change development
  • Qualitative Data Analysis
  • Research
    • Alternative Basic Education Programs in Africa
    • Early Childhood Development (ECD) Services
    • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Measurement
    • Democracy and governance
    • Micro and small enterprise development
    • Peace in conflict areas-anti corruption and transparency
    • Business development services (BDS)
    • Anti-trafficking for children and adolescents
    • Operational framework for education sector